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Common Vetch - 3g

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Common vetch (Vicia sativa) is a legume that can enrich the soil with nitrogen and provide forage for livestock. It can also attract beneficial insects and pollinators to the meadow margin or woodland edge. To grow common vetch in a meadow, you need to follow these steps:
- Choose a site that has well-drained soil and full sun exposure. Common vetch can tolerate some shade, but it prefers sunny locations.
- Prepare the soil by removing any weeds, rocks, or debris. You can also till the soil lightly to loosen it and improve drainage.
- Sow the seeds in late summer or early fall, before the first frost.
- Cover the seeds lightly with soil or rake them in gently. You don't need to fertilize the soil, as common vetch can fix its own nitrogen from the air.
- Water the seeds regularly until they germinate, which usually takes one to two weeks. Then, water as needed depending on the weather and soil moisture.
- Mow the meadow once or twice a year, preferably in late spring or early summer, to prevent the vetch from becoming too invasive or shading out other plants. You can also harvest the vetch for hay or silage if you have livestock.