Apple Pressing Service

Apple Pressing Prices 2022

Why not bring your apples to our 300 year old apple press. We can turn them into apple juice or cider, which will last 2 years.  Please book a space (15th September-15th November). Computer controlled monitoring and recording of process. Please note: the process and price is for personal consumption only.

Suggested to have at lease 20% bramleys in the apple juice to give it some crispness. 100% bramley juice is quite tart; a bit like grapefruit juice, and some eaters can make a very sweet juice.  

To book a place on a Friday or Saturday throughout September and October, please call Julian on 07770 694646, or email us from the contact page.

1kg of ripe apples = 1 bottle/750ml of juice. (approx.)

Minimum pressing  80kg* for smaller quantities see below.

Bottles       Juice       Bottle     + label     +filling*      times estimated          

60-120       0.70p      0.70p    +0.25p    +0.50p       3 hours         

121-260     0.60p       0.65p    +0.20p    +0.50p     4-6 hours                      

260-450     0.50p      0.60p     +0.10p    +0.50p     6-8 hours             

Juice prices per bottle pasteurised.

Apples should be donated to Goren for pressing. Prices on qty Juice is produced. Pressed apple waste can be collected or we will dispose of it.      

  • Filling, pasteurising, capping and washing bottles. 45 mins=40 bottles
  • Labels. Polyester white background, colour laser Printed, lasts for many years.
  • Custom design provided by customer. Word template. standard design(no cost)
  • bring your apples early so we can press several hours before bottling to allow sedimentation.
  • *Filling, capping and cleaning can be done by customer. 
  • Reusable bottles: customers will be responsible for the bottles being clean internally. Rinse out and keep original caps on immediately after use. New caps provided free after pasteurising.
  • for cider juice, preferably using cider apple varieties as they contain more sugar and tannin and less malic acid. made at juice bottle rate per litre. ie 220L = 60p*220=£132. We have new 45 gallon barrels and can provide taps and bungs and prepare barrels ready for you to use at home.  


Cider apple pressing  service.

 see our cider making procedure  

Small batch cider 75L, 120 pints. You will need:

  • 100kg cider apples, maybe some desert apples. Definitely no cookers.
  •  3  x 25L cider barrels/poly pins for brewing cider. (£40 each from ebay)
  •  3 x 4 pint milk containers. (for topping up during fermentation)

This can be used to make cider or cider vinegar too. Written instructions will be  provided.  The cost for this is £75.


Large batch of cider:  220L, 400 pints 

We can provide a oak cider barrel and press your apples for you. You will need 350kg of apples and 6 months to ferment. We charge £1 a litre to press the apples for you. This includes your own barrel tap bungs and instructions. Enough for 220 litres in 6 months. You will need a small trailer and containers to move the juice and barrel back to storage. we can transport your juice for you within 15 miles.  Cost for this is £220.


Store your juice in a clean cool place away from sun light. This product will last for 2 years. Some varieties of apples will produce more sediment then others. This leads to a cloudy juice. Over time, this sediment may condense more, and will need a good shake to make the juice cloudy again. Alternatively, discard the sediment at the bottom of the bottle when consuming.  Keep an eye out for mould developing on the juice maybe, as 1 in 200 bottles may be affected. Once consumed, rinse out the bottle and place the cap and place back in storage again for refilling next year. Plastic crates are the best option for storage, as they can be stacked 60 bottles high - see below.

Small Quantities

We can mill your apples and have a small hand press you can use for smaller amounts. This can then be bottled and placed in the pasteuriser whilst we are processing a larger batch. You will be operating the hand press yourself. But please note that this way isn't as efficient as the main press because it involves more manual, physical work. 

Useful links:

Plastic reusable 20 Bottle crates cost 6 for £80.  We can provide these, which will make life more convenient for you (if you intend to reuse your bottles next year). There is also a buy back option. We give you £10 per crate of empty clean bottles. Please note the bottles must come with the caps.

Or boxes. Kite packaging. 6 x 20. = £30  25p per bottle.

all prices quoted on this page are subject to change at any time due to supply- chain changes.