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Wild pansy / viola tricolor - 0.5g

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Wild Pansy

The latin name for the wild pansy is 'viola tricolor'. It grows to a height of 20-30cm and the flowers are a mixture of blue-violet, yellow or white. The flower head is1.5-2.5cm long they are bright and usually three-coloured. The leaves of this plant are oval at the base; upper leaves are narrower (usually lanceolate). The Wild Pansy is found in dry and disturbed areas, including dunes and other sandy areas, on acidic grassland, heaths and hills and in cultivated ground. It usually flowers between April-October and is quite rare.

How to grow:

To grow wild pansies, you can plant them in a location with good, well-draining soil and some sun. They can grow anywhere on the spectrum from part shade (2 to 6 hours of sunlight) to full sun (6+ hours of sunlight). Wild Pansy is an annual or perennial plant that prefers full sun or partial shade and well-draining soil. The plant can be grown from seed or propagated by division. Wild Pansy should be watered regularly and fertilized occasionally.