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Ribwort Plantain Lanceolata - 5g

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Ribwort Plantain is a robust glabrous or pubescent perennial with leaves in a basal rosette. Leaves 10-15xm, narrowly ovate-lanceolate, entire or weakly toothed, gradually tapered into petiole. Flowers are small, brown spikes and solitary on leafless stalks up to 45cm tall. It flowers from April to August.


Commonly found on meadows, pastures, grass heaths, verges, maritime and dune grassland or cliffs. It grows throughout the British Isles.

Growing tips

Ribwort Plantain is one of the easiest meadow plants to grow as it can establish in a wide variety of habitats. Its seeds have their own ‘gel’ reservoir which enables them to grow in even the driest soils. The seed has a long shelf life and can lie dormant for years until the conditions are right for it to germinate.


On particularly fertile soils Ribwort Plantain may need to be kept in check to avoid it dominating other plants, however, this will settle naturally with good field management.

No of seed/g: 250