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Creeping Tormentil

Potentilla reptans

Damp Meadows or pasture, known as the creeping cinquefoil. This plant has a creeping habit and can colonize a meadow slowly and provide a low growing flower base.

Found widely in really olds and extensively managed meadows. It forms a soft cushion of small flowers and leaves but does not imped the establishment of other flowers.

This plant will thrive in lawns and flowerbeds and can become a pest there so best kept in the meadows. It does not like really dry or fertile sites

However it is invasive in a garden and can be difficult to remove. Food plant of the Grizzled skipper. This seed is harvested with great difficulty from our meadows and is very hard to separate from some others so may include a small amount of other small seeds including birdsfoot trifoil, eye bright pignut & cat's ear.