Covid measures

Over the past few weeks, the organisers at Goren Farm have been working hard, following recommendations from Government to ensure our events are safe.  Here are twelve steps we are taking to keep you and your family safe.

 1. Space to Socially Distance - Goren farm's 70-acre farm can accommodate 1,500 visitors per day whilst still maintaining the 7m2 required for each person

 2. Track & Trace - All attendees MUST register their details either in advance on the day to ensure Track and Trace compliance

 3. Socially distanced queuing - Queuing both inside and outside the farm will be socially distanced and queuing locations managed to avoid crowding

 4. Reduction in indoor spaces -  all services to be accessed in the open air.

 5. Masks indoors - For those areas that remain indoor areas masks will be required.

 6. One Way Systems - Indoor areas will also operate one-way systems to enable visitors to stay socially distanced.

 7. Widening of Avenues - Across the farm avenues will be widened to provide more space for visitors to socially distance.

 8. Crowd Density monitoring - Stewards, including dedicated ‘Covid Marshalls’ will constantly monitor crowd density and key areas on the farm to encourage visitors to maintain social distances and make use of the whole site.

9. Socially distanced car parking - Cars will be parked 2m apart to ensure visitors can arrive and leave the Show whilst maintaining social distance.

 10. Admission Tickets only will allow the organisers to  ensure they stay within safe attendance levels.

 11. Improved Visitor Dispersal - By spreading our attractions and features more widely across the site we can encourage visitors to spread out across our 70 acres of farm and ensure a more even spread.

 12. Reduction in Crowd based Attractions - This year we will move away from centralised attractions which attract crowds and instead focus on a variety of smaller attractions and background music located across the farm.