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Pollinator friendly hedgerow margin mix - 20g

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A mix of species specifically chosen for margins to provide more height and colour throughout the Summer. It will grow in more fertile soil and some of the plants reach over a metre in height. Ideally suited to attract birds, mammals and invertebrates and will compliment a meadow, but provides a habitat when the meadow is cut.,

these plants are usually quite big so you can sow this very sparingly. It is advisable to sow into very short grass of bare soil in the spring. sow on the surface and tread in. Some species will also take 2-3 years to flower.

After care: These can be left all winter as bird food such as the teasels and knapweeds or cut down once a year by the end of September ideally and or again by the beginning of May. Try to make a few bear patches made to promote some of the annual and biannual plants to regenerate again. 

If you are planting a bank and not such a meadow it may be good to incorporate a small packet of this seed into a meadow mix as these species are generally not included in the meadow mixes.

recommended sowing rate 1g/m or less. chart shows species per m/2

% 50% flowering species 1g/m
9.0 Cow parsley 16
4.5 Campion 8
4.5 Foxglove 8
1.3 Salsify
2.2 Vipers bugloss 4
1.8 Teasel 3.2
0.9 Mullein 1.6
3.5 Yarrow 24
3.1 Bush vetch 5.6
4.0 Knapweed 7.2
18.0 Ribwort plaintain 32
3.1 Betony 5.6
9.0 Oxeyed daisy 16
1.3 Evening Primrose, 2.4
2.7 Wild Carrot, 4.8
0.9 Commom Sorrel 1.6
+10% Vervain, Narrow leaf hawkweed, autumn hawkbit,Catsear, rough Hawkbit
50% Grasses
6.7 Crested dog's-tail, 20
6.7 Slender red fescues, 20
6.7 Small Cat's-tail 20

 trace amounts of self heal, flax, hairy tare, pignut. < 1%