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Premium Meadow Grass mix

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This a a mix of grasses that are slow growing and suitable for a wide range of soil types. It has no Rye, Cocksfoot, Timothy or Fescues and is low growing so will stand up to late cutting in the Autumn, thus allowing more diversity in your meadow.
Some of the many faster growing grasses will fall over and look untidy, where as these will grow low and slow. This habit will also encourage wildflowers to thrive. In the Autumn it will make soft hay, full of herbage, which is a sought out by our livestock. Yellow Rattle is also recommended especially if you have higher fertility. Evidence of higher fertility can be told by an abundance of Nettles, Docks, or Hogweed.
Sow 2g/m2 into existing grass, harrow and roll, or 4g/m onto bare soil. 16kg/acre or 40/ha into bare soil.
Species List: Premium Meadow Mix.
Smooth stalked meadow25%, Sweet vernal3%, Quaking, 1% Crested Dogstail 6%, Meadow foxtail, 3%, Common Bent 8%. Smaller catstail, 4% Fescues:  chewing25% and sheep 25%