Volunteering FAQ

Working hours We  expect 7 hours a day for the 1st week then 6 hours there after. we usually work Monday to Friday but not always so will expect you to be flexible as some weekend work may be asked for during harvest or open weekends.  Often we work in the evening too and if you want to help then we will be most great full and often reward you with other perks and maybe you will gain more experience or learn new things.

The work day starts at 9am we expect you to of had breakfast between7-8:30 and be dressed and prepared for work and waiting in the yard unless told otherwise. If the weather is extremely hot or wet we may ask to start earlier or later and maybe have a time off at lunchtime when working conditions are safer. Lunch is usually 1hour 1pm-2pm and we often have a coffee brake at 11am for 15mins. and finish at 5:30pm.  supper at 6:30-7pm.

Accommodation. You will have your own room but may have to share for couples and groups of friends. We have a few options, 2xsingles, doubles etc.  Bedding provided for stays over 7 days else you may be asked to provide a sleeping bag. You can bring a campervan if you want too as we have a small comping area with compost loos and hot showers. some rooms are in the house else we have rooms in an outbuilding too.  Bathroom will be shared, shower, sink and toilet. we supply toilet rolls, please bring towel and toiletries. 

Time off.  After your days work you are welcome to wander or chill out. we eat around 6-7pm. The area around here is very beautiful but we are a little remote. we have some bikes but you will be responsible for returning them in a working state for the next user. walking is great and there are loads of footpaths. there are 2 local pubs and beaches are not too far away with a bike. When possible we will offer a taxi service. there is no public transport nearly and the closest is 1 hours walk. and nearest shop is 38 mins walk. or 15mins by bike. 

  If you have worked 4 full days and have 3 off and go traveling on the x53 bus along the Jussasic coast to into exeter by train. or visit Lyme regis or Seaton by bike.  In the summer it gets dark around 10pm. There are YHA along the coast . Or visit one of our local traditional pubs. 

Catering and food. we provide food for your meals and fruit. Breakfast consists of cereal, toast, coffee tea, fruit juice and is self service. Lunch is generally a team effort and usually light with some cold salad, bread, cheese, fruit and a drink maybe soup in cold weather. Evening meal. We generally cook a hot meal  but we do expect some help with preparation and washing up. The meals are not always vegetarian as a rule but if you require a vegetarian or special diet then please help us with preparation. Most of the red meat we consume comes from the farm.   Sometimes if we are not there we may ask you to cook yourselves and will leave the ingredients out. This applies to weekends and days off where you cook for yourself or as a group if were not around. We often like to cook a dish from your country whilst you are here too as part of the exchange and ask for your help with this in lieu of working hours. Usually we try to eat and cook together as much as possible.  

Getting her and away: We will be able to pick you up from the train stations of Axminster or Honiton on the agreed date between the hours of 10am and 8pm   Traveling from London from waterloo. If staying  4 weeks or more we can pick you up from Exeter Airport or Taunton. Your welcome to bring a car there is plenty of parking and give you a lot of freedom in your time off. 

Often the train is fastest but please have a look at the buses see link below. 

what shall I bring? Indoor and outdoor shoes, water proof boots, rain coat and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and can be washed. We provide washing machine and powder. It can rain anytime here. The grass is wet with dew in the mornings, Setpember till May waterproof light weight walking boot or rubber boots are advisable. We have some boots here you can use but may not have your exact size. We provide work gloves.

Wifi and electrics. Here we have 240v ac mains and UK 3 square pin sockets. We have usb sockets you can use which are universal. We have good wifi and 4G signal and mobile is good here too. There is a shared TV that you can cast to from your devices too. 

what sort of work shall I be doing: we often work outside in the garden and fields, harvesting and looking after cattle and sheep but can also be hedge laying, apple pressing, seed collecting, painting. Some slow tractor driving if you are able and willing such as turning the hay or rolling a field.  We will often try to pair the work to your ability. Usually working in a team doing jobs but may be some work by yourself. 

Leaving early/Cancel your trip : If you need to leave early or cancel then please tell us as soon as possible. Its not a problem. we will give you a life to the station and together we will agree a time that suits all of us.  

Allergies and conditions: please make us aware of your allergies and medical or physical conditions at the time of booking. We are catering for many people so will have  to decide if we can host you and some times you can cater for yourself. We have Cats and dogs here some times in the house and we handle hay and seeds some of which has pollen on. 

communications: we speak English and not much else here.  If you would like to improve your English then we ask you have a good understanding first before coming. You will learn a lot when you come here and we will have a vocabulary list to help you of things that you will find around here. 

preferred whatsapp: 07770694646, email. gorenfarm@hotmail.com

Created Feb2024

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