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Yellow Rattle Seed Rhinanthus Minor Sorry.. We have sold out of single varitey Yellow Rattle Seed but our wildflower only mixes have 20% yellow ... more info
Betony - 4gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Description Stachys   Officinalis - commonly known as Purple Betony, Wood Betony or Bishop's Wort - is a perennial grassland herb growing up ... more info
Birdsfoot Trefoil - 2.5gAdd:
This pretty flower opens in a burst of red and orange which is quickly bleached by the sun. This has given it the popular name of 'eggs ... more info
Burdock 2gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Cat's-ear - 3gAdd:

Price: £3.06
Cat’s-ear belongs to a group of mainly yellow-flowered daisies in the Tribe Lactuceae. The plants in this tribe are characterised by having a ... more info
Common Agrimony - 6gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Description This tall yellow flower is sometimes called Church Steeples or Sticklewort. It is a perennial and can grow up to 100cm but more ... more info
Common Bent Grass - 10gAdd:
A fine grass that gives a soft feel to a meadow, looking like mist and changing colour from black-purple to silver over the ... more info
Common Fleabane - 1gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Pulicaria dysenterica is a species of Fleabane in the daisy family. It is native to Europe and western Asia where it grows in a variety of habitats ... more info
Common Knapweed - 6gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Description Common Knapweed is a hardy perennial with raggedy, purple, thistle-like flowers. Its late flowering and seeding (June to ... more info
Common Mallow - 6gAdd:

Price: £3.00
This showy, pink flower is often found in gardens as well as verges, meadows and fallow fields.  However, it is not native and comes ... more info
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