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Yellow Rattle Seed Rhinanthus Minor Sorry.. We have sold out of single varitey Yellow Rattle Seed but our wildflower only mixes have 20% yellow ... more info
Apple cider vinegar. 500mlBuy Now 
Our cider vinegar is naturally fermented and bottled on the farm and may contain some cider mother as we don't pasturize of treat the juice with ... more info
Apple Juice. 750ml.Add:

Price: £3.00
30p Refunds on glass bottles returned clean. with lid on. 

Price: £6.00
Like you've never tried it before. Good mince that holds together in the pan and gives a great texture to any dish. packed in 0.5 kg packs. Price ... more info
Betony - 4gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Description Stachys   Officinalis - commonly known as Purple Betony, Wood Betony or Bishop's Wort - is a perennial grassland herb growing up ... more info
Birdsfoot Trefoil - 2.5gAdd:
This pretty flower opens in a burst of red and orange which is quickly bleached by the sun. This has given it the popular name of 'eggs ... more info
Braising Beef.Add:

Max: 3

Price: £7.00
This lovely seasonal dish can be left to bubble away, filling the kitchen with comforting aromas and the promise of supper Braised beef with red wine ... more info

Price: £5.00
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If you want to pot roast beef, then brisket is king. It comes from the shoulder and rib area of the animal. It is boned, rolled and tied. Either way, ... more info

Price: £20.00
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flint hand picked. rockery stone, wall stone. 
Burdock 2gAdd:

Price: £3.00
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