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Sweet vernal grass - 5gAdd:
Fragrant grass that gives the sweet scent to hay.  Early flowering, it occurs in many habitats but is slow growing which promotes a ... more info
Tansy - 1gAdd:

Price: £3.00
A tall, yellow flower of the aster family usually found in verges.  It flowers in September and has a very pungent smell when crushed.
Teasel - 2gAdd:

Price: £3.00
This tall flower favours verges and waste ground as it takes a long time to establish.  Any cutting back or grazing will knock it out. ... more info
Tormentil, 1gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Tormentil Potentilla reptans, A creeping cinquefoil,Aa creeping plant found widely in really olds and extensivly managed meadows. It forms ... more info
Tufted Vetch - 2gAdd:

Price: £3.00
This lovely climbing flower can often be seen in the hedgerows and verges and grows up to 2m tall. It has hairy leaves and stems, with ... more info
Viper's-bugloss - 6gAdd:

Price: £3.00
A tall, purple-blue flower that is a favorite of the bees in late Summer. It will go on flowering well into October if topped high in July. This ... more info
Water Mint - 1gAdd:

Price: £3.00
This lovely, mauve flower of the perennial herbaceous rhizomatous loves to grow in water-logged, wet or boggy ground. It will ... more info
Wild Angelica - 11gAdd:

Max: 10

Price: £3.06
Wild Angelica ( Angelica sylvestris ) is a species of plant that grows about one meter tall. It has broad, double-finned leaves. The stem is coarse, ... more info
Wild Carrot - 8gAdd:

Price: £3.06
The wild carrot, native to temperate areas of Europe and southeast Asia, is able to grow in a variety of environments, including coastal areas.  ... more info
Wild pansy - viola tricolor - 0.5gAdd:
Wild Pansy The latin name for the wild pansy is 'viola tricolor'. It grows to a height of  20-30cm and the flowers are a mixture of ... more info
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