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Price: £3.50
Collected hay, small bale. soft hay ideal of horses or small pets. non dusty. 
Hedge Bedstraw - 5gAdd:

Price: £3.06
Otherwise known as Galium Mollugo or Common Hedge Climber, it has small white flowers and blooms in July.   It is equally adapted to a ... more info
Hemp Agrimony - 2gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Large plant growing in semi shade or wet ground. Also known as 'Raspberries and Cream', Hemp Agrimony displays 'frothy' clusters ... more info
Lady's Bedstraw - 8gAdd:

Price: £3.00
Often found in meadows, chalk downs, heaths and verges in akaline and sandy soils. This plant fills the air with scent and is often found in large ... more info
Lamb ChopsBuy Now 

Price: £15.00
Lamb Chops.  (loin on the bone) The absolute best piece of meat you'll ever taste.  Milk and grass fed spring lamb. prices are ... more info
Lamb Mince, 500gBuy Now 

Price: £4.50
Lamb mince, 500g pack. Milk and grass fed spring lamb. and actual price/adjustments will be calculated upon collection. £9/kg Tips :  ... more info
Large Box Ruby Red Devon Beef approx 13kg.... more info
Sold Out

Max: 2
Our 13KG beef box consist of a mixture roasting joints(around 1.3kg each), Stakes, Stewing and braising, and Mince. It is hung for 28 days ... more info
Leg Of lamb, 2.8kgBuy Now 

Price: £42.00
Whole leg of lamb on the bone.  grass fed spring lamb. prices are indicative and based upon a 2.8kg leg. and actual price/adjustments will ... more info
Meadow Grass Mix... more info

Max: 10

Price: £4.00
This meadow mix is suitable for a wide range of soil types and will provide a good variety in height and colour. Can be sown directly into grass in ... more info
Meadow Vetchling - 6gAdd:

Price: £3.00
The Meadow Vetchling, also known as the Meadow Pea or the Meadow Pea-vine, can be identified by its yellow pea-like flowers, narrow leaves and ... more info
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