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To be dispatched by 15 Aug 2018. full refunds if we have any problems with harvest which is unlikely.

This is a pretty yellow flower, quite uncommon and a essential part of any meadow on fertile soil. Its main purpose in the meadow is to reduce the vigor of the grass, therefore not favoured by modern farming practice.

Usually this will be seen in the meadows from Early March in the south and April in the northern counties and Scotland.

Yellow Rattle is one of the few truly annual plants in a meadow. As a result is needs careful management to ensure that it can propagate it's self.  The plant is a sought-after species for conservationists when trying to promote biodiversity in meadows.
Yellow Rattle allows other wild flowers to germinate and compete for light by suppressing the grass. It does this by being semi parasitic on the grass roots there by reducing the nutrient the grass can use.
 Its preferred habitat is neutral/acidic grassland, mowed late every year. it is found from Sweden to France. Its flowering period is between May and July. The seed is easily sowed into existing grass land and is ideal for improving diversity for habitat creation by farmers who want to enter into a higher level stewardship scheme.

It is a favourite of the bumblebee and butterfly and food plant of the rivulet moth.

See the growing guide for detailed information of Growing this seed.
Why buy from us?
This is an annual and needs to germinate every year. The seeds actually germinate readily but are may not have the ideal growing conditions and so may perish. They also have a short shelf life and so viability reduces with age. For the best chance of success you need fresh seed. Our seed is guaranteed this seasons seed harvested from our own meadows.  As we harvest them ourselves we can ensure origin, Provenance, Purity, minimum handling and age. We supply only the larger grade seed as the smaller seed may not of developed properly to be viable and are often confused with buttercup seeds. Also we don't believe in drying the seed too much to mimic the natural process. We supply a comprehensive growing and maintenance instructions for you to get the best results from your Yellow Rattle seed. Seeds will be posted 1st class, generally up to 200g will be able to fit through a regular post box.  or courier for larger quantities, 2kg+.




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