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With 30+ species, this mix is designed to give a good ground cover and display from May to October. It is made up of the varieties which are found naturally on the meadows at Goren Farm and designed to be sown into existing grass or into a newly prepared seed bed. 

These species are mainly perennials and will take between 1 and 4 years to establish or flower. The difference between this mix and the straight wild flower mix is that it does not contain any corn field annuals which will not grow well if sown into an existing grass sward. can be sown at any time but best results will be late summer(August-November) or early spring (March-May).

Importantly this mix contains a good proportion of yellow rattle seed which will assist the flowers to get established in early summer by reducing the vigour of the grasses.

This mix is designed to give a good ground cover and display from May to August and is made up of the varieties found naturally on the meadows at Goren Farm. It is designed to be sown into existing grass or into a newly prepared seedbed.

Contains 36+ species of flowers:  5% Yellow Rattle, Knapweed, Cat's-ear, Rough Hawkbit, Ribwort Plaintain, Wild Red & White Clover, Meadow Bulbous Buttercup, Red Sorrel, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Common Spotted Orchid, Field Forget-me-not. Meadow Vetchling. Common & Bush vetch, Ladys bedstraw, Black Medic, Selfheal, Betony, Cowslip, Wild Carrot, Meadow Cranesbill, Yarrow. Goats beard, Tormentil, Ox-eye Daisy, Smooth hawk weed, corn poppy.    + Micro seeding, 1%:  Perforated leaf st John's wort, Devil's Bit Scabious, Ragged Robin, Evening Primrose, Snakeshead Fertilary.Campion,Cow Parsley, Small quantities added to the mix to promote biodiversity through natural reseeding over time. 

6 species of Corn Field Annuals :corn, poppy, flower, marigold, cockle, camomile: These species are best suited for sowing into a seed bed with no grass as they provided a cover or nurse crop for the perennial flowers in the first season. it is important to to sow the mix too thickly as they will have the opposite effect if over sown. As the grasses get established these species of corn field annuals will peter out. 

12 species of grass: Smooth stalked meadow grass 10%, Sweet vernal grass 5%, Quaking grass 3%, Crested dogtail 20%, Sheeps Fescue 20%, Chewing Fescue 20%, Slender red Fescue 10%, Meadow barley 5%, Yellow oatgrass 5%, Rough bent Grass 3%. : a selection of grasses chosen for their slow growing habit, visual interest and robust ness  against heavy rain and wind. best sown at the same time as a seed mix although can be added into grass at any time. New meadows sown into existing grass may benefit from additional grass species as often more courser grass will often reduce over time through continued cutting and reduction in soil fertility.

Sowing Rate: 
This is the Maximum Sowing rate and can be reduced 10 times if need be as the seeds will spread. However, some species will spread very rapidly such as Yellow Rattle whilst things like betony cowslip and orchids will take 5 years to start to spread prolifically.  1g/m2 or 4kg/acre. 

NB. rates can be varied to account for local conditions, bare seedbed and well dry soils maybenifit from higher seed rates.

recommended additional species, vipers bugloss, Sainfoin can be ordered separately, corkey fruited water dropwort is suggested for sites within its goegraphic distribution,  east devon, somerst, hampshire wiltshire and somerset or if it occurs locally. 

General growth height 30-60cm.

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