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Apple Pressing Prices 2020

Why not bring your apples to our 250 year old apple press. We can turn them into Apple Juice, which will last 2 years, or cider Juice.  Please book a space. from 15th September-15th November. Computer controlled monitoring and recording of process. Process and prices for personnal consumption only.

Also visit us In september at our apple day to discuss the process. see events for details.

to book a place please Call Julian on 07770694646 or email 

1 Bag apples =20kg = 20 bottles 750ml of juice. (approx.)

17 bags 350 bottles. 

Min pressing 4 bags 80kg.

Bottles       Juice       Bottle     + label     +filling*      times estimated          bags needed

60-120       0.70p      0.50p    +0.25p    +0.50p       3 hours                           4-6

121-260     0.60p       0.50p    +0.20p    +0.50p     4-6 hours                          6-12

260-450     0.50p      0.50p     +0.10p    +0.50p     6-8 hours                         12-22

prices per bottle.  

ie 80 bottles =£1.20*80=£96  Refill: £0.7*80=56   Full service, (label and fill) 80*£1.95= £156 Refill: £0.7*80=56

Apples should be donated to Goren for pressing. Prices on qty Juice is produced. Waste pummy can be collected or we will dispose of it.        ie 80 bottles =£1.20*80=£96       Full service 80*£1.95= £156

  • Filling, pasteurizing, capping and washing bottles. 45 mins=40 bottles
  • Labels. Polyester white background, colour laser Printed, lasts for many years.
  • Custom design provided by customer. Word template. standard design(no cost)
  • Pressing usually the night before or in the morning
  • *Filling, capping and cleaning to be done by customer. 
  • Reusable bottles: customers will be responsible for the bottles being clean internally.

Suggest rinse out and keep original caps on immediately after use. New caps provided free after pasteurising.

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