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This meadow mix is suitable for a wide range of soil types and will provide a good variety in height and colour. Can be sown directly into grass in the Autumn or Spring preferably, or alternatively into a prepared seed bed. See our growing guides for advice and best practice. If you have quite fertile soils then the use of yellow rattle with this mix will help.
10 Species:-
Smooth stalked meadow grass 10%
Sweet vernal grass                      5%
Quaking grass                             3%
Crested dogtail                          20%
Hard fescue                            20%
Chewing fescue                          20%
Slender red fescue                      10%
Meadow barley                            5%
Yellow oatgrass                            5%
Common bent grass                         3%
Recommended sowing rate, 5g/m into existing grasses or 4 to 5kg per acre.  Double this for newly prepared seed beds, where only grass is to be sown,
To add a bit more bite add some Ribwort Plantain, often called Rib Grass, for added animal nutrition at 0.2g/m2.

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