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Wildflower lawn mix (no grasses) - 20g

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A mix of low growing species perfect for a small lawn area giving a long season of colour and low height, slow grawing grasses compliment this mix and will grow best onto a clean seedbed and rolled in.. or directly sown into existing grass in the Autumn or spring provided its not going to dry out in which case this would have to be carfully watered. 

5-10g/m2 ~(flower seed only. sowing rate 1g/m2 )


% Latin name                    Common name

  • 20      Prunella vulgaris             Selfheal
  • 17   Galium verum                   Lady's Bedstraw
  • 15     Rhanthus Minor              Yellow Rattle
  • 15     Ranunculus acris            Meadow Buttercup
  • 12.5  Primula veris                   Cowslip
  • 11.5  Lotus corniculatus           Birdsfoot Trefoil
  • 10     Rumex acetosa               Common Sorrel
  • 10     Leucanthemum vulgare   Oxeye Daisy
  • 4      Achillea millefolium          Yarrow
  • 2      Leontodon hispidus          Rough Hawkbit
  • 1.5   Trifolium pratense            Wild Red Clover
  • 1      Hypericum perforatum     wild St Johns wort
  • 1      Hypochaeris radicata       Cats Ear
  • 0.5   Oenanthe pimpinelloide   Corky Fruited Water Dropwort
  • 1      Stachys officinalis             Betony
  • 1      Galium palustre                Meadow Vetchling
  • 0.5    Silene noctiflora               Night flowing Catchfly
  • 0.5    Conopodium majus         Pignut
  • >0.5  Dactylorhiza fuchsii         Common Spotted Orchid