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Yellow Rattle seed- Rhinanthus Minor , July 2017 Harvest.

This small plant plays a massive role in our wild flower meadow. It small yellow flowers are a favourite food source for bumble bee and the rivulet moth. It flowers from May to July and then dies shedding its seeds from its hollow pods which rattle in the wind, hence the name.

Yellow Rattle is a parasite on grasses and can help reduce its growth in the spring and this will lead to other seedlings being able to compete for light and thrive in a grass land where normally the grass wins. It is an annual and has developed a raft of special technique in beating the grass at its own game.

Yellow Rattle is a sought-after species for conservationists when trying to promote bio diversity in meadows. Its preferred habitat is calcercarouus or acidic grassland, mowed late every year. It will grow in neutral grass land as long as the fertility is low. It is found throughout Northern Europe but is quite rare due to the lack of hay meadows and modern farming practices. Its flowering period is between June and August. Sow the seed directly into grass for best results. Seed sown onto bare soil will often germinate then wither so it needs a friendly grass nearby to thrive. The sooner you can get it in the better, Autumn sowing only as it needs a frost to break its dormancy. Click on this link for more detailed growing instructions.

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Premium Wild Flower Meadow Mix

Wild flowers in a field with Yellow rattle

With 40 species, this mix is designed to give a good ground cover and a display From May to October. It is what is found naturally on the meadows at Goren farm.. Designed to be sown into existing grass or into a newly prepared seed bed. This mix now contains some corn field annuals which will grow quickly when sown into bare soil. This will provide some 1st season interest as many seeds will need the winter to break there dormancy.
Contains 28 species of flowers: Yellow Rattle, Knap Weed, cats ear, rough Hawks bit, Ribwort Plaintain, Wild red & white clover, Meadow Butter Cup, Red Sorrel, Birds Foot Trefoil,Common spotted orchid, Field Forgetmenot, Corkey Fruited Water dropwort. Tormentil, Corn: cockle, Poppy & flower, Pig Nut, Meadow Vetchling, Black Medic, Vipers Bugloss, Devils Bit Scabious, Betoney, Bulbous and Meadow Buttercup, cowslip and Yarrow.
12 species of grass: Smooth stalked meadow grass 10% Sweet vernal grass 5% Quaking grass 3% Crested dogtail 20% Sheeps fescue 20% Chewings fescue 20% Slender red fescue 10% Meadow barley 5% Yellow oatgrass 5% Rough bent Grass 3%

sowing rate 4g/m or 16kg/acreSpecies List

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